Twenty two wonders

twentytwo700px Twenty Two Wonders

There is a story about the Twenty-two Hebrew letters that came to God Almighty and asked him to create the world.
The first to ask him was Tav – The last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.  Alef – the first letter, received his Blessing. Beit, the second opened the holy text of the Bible.
The Hebrew letters are routes to higher levels of consciousness.
Every letter consist of a horizontal line – the way of gratitude an understanding and a vertical line which resembles the light that comes from Source.

Twenty-two channels of communication were given to us as a tool to reach the wordless state of pure Presence.
Look at the painting with intention and many things will be revealed to you.

I see my art as a reminder for awakening our heart and our higher centers.

Mixed Media on Silk, Swarovski crystals
Fixed, double layered
32″ x 43″
Raw silk frame, ready to hang.