Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me

Thoushalt700“Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”

I chose to paint the actual global situation as it is today as a strategy for conveying the importance of this Commandment.
Society is programming people to worship money, external success, ideas and mind.
Religions lost their attraction and they are mostly ceremonials with no inner meaning.
Never ending desires that  keep on multiplying by dissatisfaction and lack of purpose, cause many problems that create a new desire to evolve internally and understand that nothing is more important than presence to the higher in us = the Creator.
The painting suggests a way out to a better, conscious world.
Inspired by the Kabbalah teachings the canvas is divided to two by Crystals that represent the middle line.
To BE in the middle line is the aim of a person that wants to evolve to a new level of Being.
The snakes represent the whole range of tempters that feed the lower self – the Ego.
The flying snake that comes from the right, flies to the left and continues to the middle – represents the transformation of a seeker that has been chosen to go to the Promised Land the middle line.
Nothing in the bible is meant to represent external reality.
The promised land is a higher state of consciousness that a seeker obtains when he transforms his desires and he is no more attached to them.

I see my art as a reminder to the awakening of the heart and our Higher Self

Mixed Media on canvas, Swarovski crystals
26″ x 22″
Carved, painted 22KT gilded basswood frame