The Ten commandments

tencommandments700The Ten Commandments


Most of my life, the term Ten Commandments was perceived in me as something frightening.
Don’t do this and don’t do that. That was the energy and it repelled me.
The external meaning of the Bible never made any sense to me and although I felt there is something hidden there, I did not find a way to discover it.
That was changed when I’ve been introduced to the inner meaning of the Biblical text through Kabbalah and other esoteric resources.
That created a totally different story.

Today I experience the Ten commandments as a feeling.
It occurs when I remember what I really am.
When I remember that :
I – am not the anger, the grief, the fear, the joy or any other feeling that I experience.
I – am not the thoughts that I see in my mind
I am the consciousness that is aware of these impermanent experiences of Yael’s Spirit body mind.

When I go above the top of the mountain of my imagination, thoughts, core beliefs and emotions – I feel myself as everything and know myself as nothing from the physical point of view. That’s the feeling of receiving the Ten commandments.

This is a feeling that I am willing to feel for ever and ever.
It comes on its own accord and goes away as it came.

Its the closest feeling that I can relate to as – Love, unity, connection.
The more Love I find in mySelf – the more Love I have to you.

That’s my journey – to find a way to Love you.
Knowing that You are me.
A never ending lifetime journey to find a way to Love you.

I love this painting and the heartful carved gilded frame that I’ve made for it.

I see my art as a reminder to the awakening of the Heart and our Higher Self

Mixed media, Swarovski crystals old leaf, glow
66″ x 54″
Carved 22K gilded basswood frame