The Binding of Isaac

Binding-of-Isaac700px                                                      The Binding of Isaac  

This painting depicts the process I’ve gone through when I’ve bound my lower self whenever it popped up and disturbs me.
Abraham is the force in us that do good. Isaac is the holy force in us that opposes the good, while thinking its better. Binding, contracting this force enables a third force to appear and be present – Jacob.
In other words – we try to be present – Abraham.
Imagination pops up and we are distracted – Isaac
We come back to presence and prolong it – Jacob.
Remember -
we are consciousness.
We are essence aware of it self
We are the creator of our reality.

I see my art as a reminder to the awakening of the heart and our higher Self

Mixed media on canvas, 23KT gold leaf, Swarovski crystals
53″ x 53″
Gilded, carved, painted basswood frame