Inner meaning of Biblical stories videos

The inner meaning of the Biblical stories videos are an experience to share the backstage of the creative process.

Listen to my personal experience with the painting Binding of [my] Isaac.
The Binding of Isaac is an action we can take in the moment when the Ego jumps in to separate us from our heart.
Another way of looking at it is an opportunity to observe any feelings that take us away from the present moment.
Options are many. If we have clarity about the meaning of our life, we will consistently choose any thought that will promote our presence to our friends.
Ascending is a by-product of an attitude towards better life
Ascending is a moment to moment process of developing our consciousness
Jacob’s Ladder/Dream is a mythological story about awakening to the present moment, realizing who you truly are.
Eve and Adam/Happy is the woman, is a symbolic story of the opposite, polar inner forces that we all have.
David and Goliath are inner forces we all share.
Opposites that pull to different directions and create chaos with in us.
“Thou shalt have no other Gods before me” is a painting that depicts the tempters that unable me to be in a space of pure presence in the moment.
I painted ‘Night and Day’ while realizing that I can be the Creator of my reality by LOOKing at the dualities and understanding that my true ME is not what I see outside/inside.