The Golden calf

Golden calfThe Golden calf

The painting of the Golden calf depicts the transformation we experience when we consciously observe and being present to the opposite forces in us.

When Moses – [the force in us that pulls us up to our higher Self] goes up on to our inner mountain of imagination, we have the option to wait patiently until some connection to our higher Self is being created or we can simply react, buffer the effort and build a Golden calf. The Golden calf is nothing but any subject that we adopt that take us away from the moment.

After a few times that it happens, we develop the skill to stay present and at that moment light is emerging. The Menora symbolizes a higher state of consciousness and it is just another form of the same energy.

I see my art as a reminder to the awakening of the heart and our higher Self

Look at the Golden Calf video clip

Mixed media on canvas, 23KT gold leaf, Swarovski crystals
53″ x 53″
Gilded, carved, painted basswood frame