David and Goliath

David and Goliath a mixed media 3D painting.David and Goliath

This painting depicts the the inner struggles, the conflicts we all go through on a daily basis. .
Two opposite inner forces are struggling to get our attention.

Goliath, our lower self, with its core beliefs that usually don’t belong to us but to our care givers and our enviroment, is in a battle with David, the small tiny desire that knows that there is something higher then those aggressive manifestations of Goliath.

The idea is to strengthen the David in us and let him win the battle by simply going beyond the lower.
Its a small moment of crucial choice that will make us win or lose the battle.

We’re living in a time in which the outer meaning of the Biblical stories have lost their appeal.
As I see it, humanity is in need for a deeper meaning that will take evolution to it’s next phase – conscious Being. The Speaking/ADAM level which is the fourth stage of evolution after the Still, Vegetative and Animate is unfolding.

I see my art as a reminder to the awakening of the heart and our Higher Self

Mixed Media on canvas
22KT Gold leaf, Swarovski Crystals
54″ x 26″
Carved 22KT gilded Basswood frame