Creative C.V

Exhibitions, Commissions and Creative Projects.

March – Theater Gallery , Yuba city, CA, group exhibition
*February – Founding of THE SCHOOL OF THE HEARTIEST

*November – Yuba Harvest art gallery, Oregon House CA, Solo exhibition.
*September-October – Colusa art gallery, CA, solo exhibition.
Blogger at the huffington Post
Writer at Tikkun Magazine.
July - Cultural diversity, artistrun gallery, NY. Group exhibition.
*June – Solo exhibition, Mill Valley Library, Mill Valley, CA.
*YubaHarvest, oregon House CA – group exhibition.
*May – new book – Consciously loving my neighbor as I love mySelf
*The Rosenzweig Gallery, Durham NC – Group exhibition
*March-May - Textile and paintings exhibition in Palo Alto JCC, CA.

*December – Digital Art YoHana’s art of the Message Jacob’s Ladder,
*October-January 2014 – BELIEFS – Group exhibition. SMUD gallery, Sacramento CA.
*September –
Digital art - 
YoHana’s Art of the Message – DAVID & GOLIATH
*August -  Digital Art.-YoHana’s Art of the Message - THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME
*July - Digital Art.-YoHana’s Art of the Message - NIGHT & DAY
*March 12th-mid May Textile and paintings exhibition at JCC Osher Marine, San Rafael, CA.

March – American Guild of Judaic art – online exhibition

*December Post cards from Above, exhibition at Briar Patch
*Carving frames for my whole collection of paintings
*February 18th. Flute Soloist, Vivaldi Concerto in A minor, Oregon House, CA.
*“Post Cards from Another World” Video art.

*Stage Set for Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale, Apollo Arts production, Oregon House, CA. December 21-24.
*Woman 365- interview in the project
*Stage Set for Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, including an iron “Mystical Tree” sculpture  Apollo Arts production, Oregon House, CA.September 15-18.
*Solo exhibition at The KOH Library and Cultural Center in Sacramento, CA, August 21-September 23
*Selected woks for the LSLS Art and Poetry Competition. June 8th-
*Painting exhibition, The Artist Project, New York City, March 17-20
*Chamber concert with the renowned pianist, Brian Ganz, Oregon House, CA. February 9

Selected as the yearly artist for Mother’s Day card at the JWI

2008 -2011
Learning to play Tar [A Persian instrument]
Chamber concerts in  CA, USA.

*Painting exhibition, private home, London
*Chamber music performances on flute, California, USA

*Painting exhibition, Pardes Chana
*”The Art of Marriage”, Chuppahs collection .


*Silk paintings, canopies.
*Chamber music performances.

*Commission: Sculptured gate, Akim house, Rehovot

*Painting exhibition, Amats
*Painting exhibition, Herzlia
*Painting exhibition, Open House, Pardes Hana
*Painting exhibition, Ramat Hashron

*Painting exhibition, Amats
*Lectures: “Anicca–Life of Creativity”, private  venues
*Painting exhibition, Open House, Pardes Chana
*Aerial kite performance on the occasion of the Israeli elections for the Knesset, 120 kites on one line, Beit Yanai Beach

*Dolphin sculpture for the Dolphin Project, Tel Aviv, purchased by Sheri Harrison and now located in the Golden Tower, Bat Yam
*Commission from the Isrotel hotel chain: a huge hanging spiral sculpture in the lobby of the Agamim Hotel, Eilat.

Commission from the Isrotel hotel chain: aerial sculpture for the Royal Gardens Hotel, Eilat.

“I Belong to Nobody”: a twenty-four-hour multimedia exhibition and performance (paintings, play, dance, voice and poetry) with audience participation, Amats Village Hall

*Commission: Three tree-of-life sculptures for the atrium of the children’s department, Asaf Harofe Medical Center, Architect: Sharon architects
*”A Dance with a Kite”: a dance, voice and aerial performance, a project of the Israel Museum and the Eilat municipality, Eilat


*Commission: Flock of Forty Birds [Aluminum], huge banners decorating the Haifa Mall with flying sculptures
*Commission: Birds of Paradise, aerial sculpture, Azrieli Peace Center, Tel Aviv
*Banners/aerial spaces compositions commissions in Rehovot Mall, Cesaria Mall, The Gold Canyon Rishon Lesion, Hungary [I don’t know where they hanged it, they just send me the picture], Herzlia, Eilat and others.

Commission: Flags, Club Inn Hotel, Eilat
Commission: Hapardes, dome design, Emek Chefer, Israel

Creative workshops (kites and wind toys accompanied by music) for school children and adults

*Initiator and artistic director of the International Artistic Kite Festivals, Katsarin, Israel
*“Changes”, a  kite exhibition, which opened in the 1993 festival and travelled in Israel for two years with Omanut Laam (Art for the People)

1992 -1996
Invited participant to various kite festivals in the world, Dieppe, France, Bangkok, Thailand, Dallas Texas.


*Initiator and artistic director of the International Artistic Kite Festivals,  Sea of Galilee, Israel

*Initiator and artistic director of the International Artistic Kite Festivals, Katsarin, Israel
*October 9th “One Sky One World” Israel participated in the world peace effort at Afifonim/Kites  Beach, Herzlia

*”A Call for Peace”, a kite performance in the Rose Garden, Jerusalem, in which 120 children and adults flew sixty dove kites and sixty hawk kites to demonstrate the saying, “And the hawk flew with the dove”
*Commission: Huge kites hung in the atrium of the Sonesta Hotel, Eilat
*Purim: “Masks in the air”  producer, supervisor and moderator of aerial exhibition of paintings on kites at Kites Beach, Herzlia with a  group of students from the Tel Aviv College of Design and Architecture
*Israel Festival, outdoor windsocks design for the surrounding of Jerusalem Theatre.

*Purim “Masks in the Air” exhibition in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
*Purim: “Masks in the Air”  producer, supervisor and moderator of aerial exhibitions of paintings on kites at Kites Beach, Herzelia in 1991 with Israeli artists (Kadishman, Tomarkin, Avner Kats, Dudu Gershtein and others) In collaboration with Herzlia Museum.

*Commission: “The Dry Flood”, electro-acoustical kite performance of the biblical story with an ecological interpretation in the Akko Festival for Different theater.
*August: “The Flying Hexagonal” – A kite event with the emphasis on carefulness on the roads, Kites Beach, Herzlia.

Kite artist

Sound track for Shubi Dubi, Dan Zakhaim’s  performance, Music Celebration, Shfaim

“Fabrics in the Wind”, sculptured suka build by different groups in the community and painted by the invited audience, soundtrack that I’ve made accompanied the event in Herzlia Museum.



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