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An Artist in the Service of Life.

My dresses are many:
Daughter, sister, mother, Woman, Kite master, aerial designer, sculpture, stage setter, Visionary painter, frames carver, author, musician,  Heartist, Breather…….

That ‘s the natural way of evolution. right?

Interested in:
Love and relations, Beauty, nature,
music, Heart and life.

My own unconscious Heartistic adventures began when I was a kid. (Just ask my mother how difficult it was for her to raise me!)
Studying in school and high school was difficult. There were no hearts around. Just dry information, and lots of shoulds and shouldn’ts.

I stayed tenth grade in high school as I’ve spent most of my time reading and listening to music at home. I could not, not follow my heart. It was over me and I paid so much for following it. 

Later, being in the army was a nightmare; my heart simply shrunk from fear of authorities.
After that I got married, and I fell in love with my imagination.

When I finally began to wake up spiritually, I realized many things about the non-Love that was ruling my marriage. I ended up getting divorced, which initiated the journey of the Conscious awakening of my heart. This involved the application of experiential techniques, and the wealth of esoteric knowledge that I learned from several living conscious beings I met on my way. Above all, it took the Grace and change that comes to us, when we reach out from our soul. 

I followed my heart when I studied music at Tel-Aviv University, when I opened the first kite store in Israel, and as I continued with aerial design.
I follow my heart now when I AM sculpting, painting on canvas, silk or wood, when I perform with my flute, create stage sets for the theater, carve frames for my paintings, create video clips, write a book,  when I Heart and breath with some of you who started feeling the Blessings.

A life so full of Heart and art quite naturally became the life of a Heartist.

I realize that my true calling is to help others follow, open, and awaken their Hearts, using my art as a way to depict the message of awakening to our Creative Self/Pure Source/God. Images, I have found, penetrate our depths far more than any written word. Like it After 21 years of search, research, inquiry, observation, contemplation, meditation, and integration of my own heart and Heart, it was decided that I would devote my present life to service. On this website I will continually share with you the approaches that worked for me best, in order for you to gain the power to create your life, discover its deepest meaning, and live that meaning fully and safely. This is done via the progressive understanding who you TRULY are when things are not going your way.

On January 2015 I’ve founded in CA, USA The School of the Heartist. WWW.theschooloftheHeartist. It’s present, more mature Israeli version is Neshima Neshama נשימה – נשמה. Two Israeli words that come from the same root/ To Breathe נ.ש.מ. Breathing – Soul

The School is …a container that provides practical tools to creatively use any physical or emotional pain or distress as raw material for your inner growth

…a place that will inspire you to discover the language of your highest desire – to know and experience Pure Source of the One created you, and your ability to in turn create what your gifts have prepared you for.

The School of the Heartist/Neshima – Neshama נשימה – נשמה will teach you not just how to unlock the floodgates of your personal creativity, but also how to create the ultimate artwork – which is Your Soul


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